Measuring your Greyhound's foot for Splish-Splash by Hunnyboots®

One of the hardest things to do in the world of online shopping is to buy a product without trying it on.

Splish-Splash by Hunnyboots are designed to fit your Greyhound like a human winter boot might fit you – a snug and comfy fit. There are many methods to measure but our preferred method for Splish-Splash boots is the template. 

Important tips

  • If you already own Original Hunnyboots, choose the size you already purchased. If you bought different sizes, choose the larger of the two.
  • For accuracy, your greyhound must be standing and the foot weight-bearing.
  • To make the measuring foot weight-bearing, lift his other foot off the ground. 
  • Make sure there a small amount of white space visible when placing your dogs foot on the templates.
  • If your measurement is between sizes, select the LARGER shoe size rather than smaller, as these boots have a generous lining that will pad out any extra space.

Template method

This requires access to a printer, and knowing how to set your printer to 100% size. If you don't know how to do that, please check your printer settings so it doesn't automatically "reduce to fit".

Print the template at 100% and stand your greyhound on the size that fits best. The best fit will be the one where you can see the outline and have a ittle bit of white space. Select the size shoe and go larger rather than smaller if in between sizes.

Notice how Hunny's opposite foot is elevated, making her her measuring foot weight-bearing. Also her foot placement on the template is at the back of her pad that makes contact with the ground.

Use this image as ideal on how much space is preferred with a Splish-Splash boot.

Download the Template Guide.