Frequently Asked Questions

I've totally mucked up my measurements and ordered the wrong size, can I exchange them?

Of course, as long as it's within 30 days of delivery and the boots are in new condition - specifically not tested outside. our process is to refund your original purchase, so you can make your new size purchase directly from this website.

Complete this form and include it with your purchase and post back the boots to: 

Hunnyboots Australia
PO Box 272
Richmond VIC 3121 

I'm in the UK, do your boots include 20% VAT?

No, we can only collect Australian GST for domestic sales. All other countries including the UK have their own import thresholds, duties and taxes. You will be contacted by DHL Express, who are authorised to collect import duties for the UK Government.

If I exchange from the UK, do I have to pay duty twice?

Technically, yes on return orders. However, if you retain your first order documentation, a copy of your refund form, a copy of your second order and the courier airway bill, you will be able to apply for a duty refund directly with HMRC for your exchange order. View this page on how to apply for a refund of the duties on your first order.


My dogs boots come flying off after one or two steps, what am I doing wrong?

The only thing holding any shoe on a dog is the strap around the wrist. If it's loose or simply not tight enough, it will come off - guaranteed. If you follow these basic steps, you can't go wrong.

  1. Make sure your Greyhound's toenails are all the way in the front of the boot, pop your index finger under his paw to check.
  2. Do up the zip and then pull the boot up as high up the leg as possible so there are no creases in the heel.
  3. Hold the zip with one hand and with the other, wrap the velcro strap around pulling it VERY tight so it gathers in any excess boot material.
  4. Firmly press the velcro down - you should have some overlap - depending on your dogs wrist circumference, as much as 2 or 3 cm.

Follow these steps and your Hunnyboots won't come off until you take them off.

We are wondering about how they'll hold up in snow and cold conditions? We're in Canada on the east coast and get some pretty nasty winter weather. 

The best way to think of Hunnyboots (or at least this model) is that they are sneakers, or running shoes you'd wear to an activity such has a fun run, or 'Tough Mudder' event where they may get wet (just like a pair of cross-fit Nikes) but will drain out and dry off. They're made of largely similar material.

With regard to freezing conditions, I expect they would behave in the same way as a pair of Nike runners - that is to say they will absorb water and very likely freeze as I'd imagine human runners would.

They'd be fine for icy roads and pathways from a traction perspective and for romping in the snow, but they will get wet and so will the greyhounds feet.

Will this boot irritate and rub my greyhound's dew claw?

Hunnyboots widen at the top so that when the velcro strap is undone, you can just slip them straight off after a walk without having to undo the zippers. The zip is there purely to open the boot all the way to the toe nails so getting a boot on is simple.

There is a reinforced elastic gathering to bring the boot in around the wrist, beneath the velcro strap. This has been positioned underneath the dew claw so there's no contact at all, but they may be covered by the slightly wider fabric at the top.

Hunny is very fussy about her dew claws and some other boots made them bleed and cut into her wrist.

We designed with that in mind, along with toe nail space, so no rubbing of knuckles either.

The profile of a Hunnyboot is quite low and the velcro strap sits well clear of a greyhounds dew claw.

Our boy has a deformed foot. Will a Hunnyboot fit him and stay on?

This is an area we can assist with. We have fielded a number of similar requests and are dealing with them on a case by case basis. Please contact us here to discuss.

Can I buy one boot? Why do I have to buy two?

There are many reasons why people are buying boots for greyhounds. Some are as a safety measure because they walk on city streets. Some are for therapeutic reasons post surgery and active corn procedures. Some are purely for the fashion aspect - greyhounds are very stylish after all!

If you need boots for every day walking and avoid the pain and costs of dealing with gravel and glass stuck in a paw, or your greyhound has corns and you want to ease their pain on walks, then Hunnyboots is an excellent choice.

However, if your greyhound has a chronic issue and you really only need a single boot, there are plenty of other options you can buy. We recommend the Thera-paw brand, they have been providing therapeutic assistance to dogs for many years and have a shoe product to fit greyhounds.