Passive Fawn - v2
Passive Fawn - v2
Passive Fawn - v2
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Passive Fawn - v2

HunnyBoots Pairs
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* PLEASE NOTE: Theres a 3-4 week delay on shipping size SMALL and MEDIUM*

For all the Fawns - light, fawn and red.

These boots have a hardwearing yet flexible sole that is shaped for your greyhound's unique 'hare' foot. We measured and sized hundreds of greyhounds' feet and it's not uncommon for a greyhounds front feet to be larger than their back feet. In a few rare instances, their back foot can be larger than their front. We've allowed for this and you can order two pairs in the same size, or larger fronts or larger backs just as easily.

They feature a full length zipper to easily slip your greyhound’s feet into the boot, and a velcro strap designed to sit below the dew claw and hold the boot firmly in place. They are fully lined with a breathable mesh outer shell, so can be worn for extended hours without concern for sweating feet. They're great for grip on all surfaces; wet parks, hot pavements even ice and surface snow.  While they're not waterproof they do dry out very quickly, just like your own sneakers.

Corns or toe injuries? Your greyhound will have a new lease on life wearing Hunnyboots. Had the Flexor Tenotomy procedure? Check out our toe cap insert.

Please use our Measuring Guide before placing your order

You’ve measured the front and back feet and they're different sizes? No stress, thats quite normal for a greyhound - add the two different sized pairs you need to your order. Always choose the smaller option if you're in-between as there's plenty of stretch and 'give' in the boots up to half a centimetre. The more snug the boot, the better the fit is going to be.

If you're unsure, don't guess - email us and ask, we're here to help every greyhound to get the best fitting boots possible.

Size Small

Internal dimensions 7.5cm L, 5.0cm W (3" L, 2" W)

This size is for the dainty footed boys and girls who weigh around 25-28kg and have small, tight feet. It's also a common choice for the back feet of Medium fronted Greyhounds.

Size Medium

Internal dimensions 8.5cm L, 5.5cm W (3 1/4" L, 2 1/4" W)

This size is mostly chosen by the 28 to 32kg group. It's also a common choice for the back feet of Large fronted Greyhounds.

Size Large

Internal dimensions 9.5cm L, 5.5cm W (3 3/4" L, 2 1/4" W)

This size is mostly chosen by the 33kg group up to 40kg. It's made for the taller boys and larger girls that are tall and lean with longer toes. It's also a common choice for the back feet of X Large fronted Greyhounds. 

Size X Large

Internal dimensions 10.5cm L, 6.0cm W (4 1/4" L, 2 1/2" W)

This size is unlikely to fit any greyhound under 42kg. It's made for the big boys that more closely resemble horses. There's extra room in the boot for their big, hefty feet. 

If your greyhound is measuring an X Large, but under this weight range, check your measuring or contact us for help.


All pairs are shipped in a mesh storage bag and two pair orders (4 shoes) also include a ‘Hunnyboots’ Snack Tube.

We carefully inspect each Hunnyboot before it is packaged and shipped to you and offer a 30 day replacement guarantee against defects. Please read our policy on refunds and exchanges.