Which Coat size is right for my greyhound?

We make the coats in three sizes; small, medium and large. We size from two measurements - chest girth and back length, Measure your pup with a tape measure in inches or centimetres and choose within the size range.

SMALL - Average Italian Greyhounds and small Whippets

Dog chest girth - 15" to 21" (38cm - 54cm) 
Dog back length - 14" to 18" (36cm - 46cm)
Coat back length 17" (44cm)

MEDIUM - Average to large Whippets and small Greyhounds

Dog chest girth - 20" to 24" (61cm - 71cm)
Dog back length - 22" to 26" (56cm - 66cm)
Coat back length - 25" (64cm)

LARGE - Average to large Greyhounds

Dog chest girth - 30" to 36" (76cm - 91cm)
Dog back length - 27" to 33" (69cm - 84cm)
Coat back length - 33" (84cm)

Handy hints on choosing the ideal size

Because of the design, adjustments and engineering of The Coat, each size has the capability of fitting a number of different sized sighthounds.

If you're often asked if your whippet is a greyhound, you're probably best in a size medium. If your greyhound is mistaken for a whippet, you're probably in a medium too.

An overhang in coat length is ideal for inclement weather coverage. The Coat has darts cut into the thigh area, so in most cases an overhang will curl nicely around their bottom.