Hunnyboots Discounts

Discount codes

We've created a range of discounts based on bundling our Hunnyboots range of products.

Free Sox Bundle

Buy two pairs of any size or colour V3 Summer Hunnyboots and a pair of Fashound Soxs get a second pair of Hunnyboots Sox for free. Add any two pairs of V3 Summer Hunnyboots and two pairs of any Fashound Sox to your cart and use the code FREESOX on checkout.

Free Domestic Shipping Bundle

Buy minimum two pairs of any size or colour V3 Hunnyboots (Summer or Winter) and two sets of any size or colour Hunnyboots Sox and get free shipping within Australia. Use the code OZSHIP on checkout.

Free International shipping

Spend AUD$250 or more to get free DHL International Shipping anywhere in the world!


Group Bundling

We have buying groups in the USA and Europe that enjoy a wholesale discount on Hunnyboots and free shipping when they get together and buy as a group. As part of your deposit, we send you pair of boots in all sizes for your group to try on and confirm their choice. The conditions are a minimum 20 pairs of boots and delivered to one address. Send us an email for a price inquiry.