Boot Strap Adjustment and Repair
Boot Strap Adjustment and Repair

Boot Strap Adjustment and Repair

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We measured hundreds of greyhound and whippets feet when we started, and it gave us the data we needed to confidently position the anchoring wrist strap in the "sweet spot" between the natural and bony 'wrist widening' of the carpus (wrist) and the dew claw on fore legs, and above the hock (ankle) on rears.

While over 90% of our customers fit within our data, we still need to cater for those that don't. This can include straps that sit directly on dew claws or directly on the natural widening.

We are now able to custom adjust straps in-house as needed. Measuring a greyhound's foot for adjusting a wrist strap on a Hunnyboot requires careful steps to ensure accurate results. Follow these sequential instructions:

Gather Materials you'll need:
  • A measuring tape
  • Treats to keep the greyhound still and cooperative
  • A notepad and pen to record measurements
Prepare the Greyhound:
  • Choose a calm and quiet time and environment to minimise distractions.
  • If possible, have someone assist you in holding the greyhound gently but securely.
Get the Greyhound in Position:
  • Ask the greyhound to stand on a flat, non-slip surface.
  • Ensure its weight is evenly distributed on all four legs.
Measure the Standing Distance:
  • Locate the dew claw on one of the front legs. The dew claw is the small, non-weight-bearing digit higher up on the leg.
  • With the soft measuring tape, measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the dew claw.
  • Ensure the tape is straight and not pulling on the leg.
Record the Measurement:
  • Note down the measured distance in millimetres.
  • Repeat the process for the other front leg to ensure accuracy.
Adjust existing boots
You can also return existing boots for an adjustment. You can either measure as above or by fitting the existing boots and only do the zip up half way, so you can feel and peek inside the boot.

'Eye check' and feel with your finger for an approximate distance the strap will need to move to sit in the "sweet spot" of the leg, between the natural widening and the dew claw.

Repair existing boots
We can repair some boots and replace straps that have either worn out or had a little chewing. Price varies depending on the work to be done. Email us with photos for a price.

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