Fitting your Summer or Winter Hunnyboots®

Hunnyboots are a fitted boot.

Measuring and buying the right size is important, but equally important is the actual fitting of the boot.

The only thing holding any brand of shoe on a dog is the strap around the wrist. If it’s too big, loose or simply not tight enough, it will come off - guaranteed.

The toes must be fully inserted to the front of the boot. Otherwise, your hound will easily step out of them. A bit like us only putting our feet half way into a shoe and walking on the backs of them.

We recommend using Hunnyboots Fashound Sox under our boots to make the fitting process easier. It's also important to note that the fitting a Winter boot is exactly the same as a Summer boot.

If you follow these basic steps, you can’t go wrong.

  1. Use your finger underneath the toes to push them all the way to the front of the boot.

  2. Before doing up the strap, give the backs of the boots a tug upwards and actually lift the foot off the floor in the process to get the toes even further into the boot (Imagine you’re pulling up a cowboy boot). The reason for this is to get the strap above the natural widening of the ‘wrist’.

  3. Using a finger to hold the buckle still, pull the strap high and tight – tighter than you’d think comfortable. Boot height varies depending on size, and smaller sizes are shorter. The fabric above the strap should either clear or cover the dew claw, but neither should irritate it. You can leave the section of the zip above the strap undone to allow extra room if you prefer.

  4. Winter boots are a tougher and sturdier design to combat some of the harsh winter elements they specialise in. They're quite stiff when new, so until the Winter boots soften with use, flip the bungee cord to the back for easier access to fit your finger inside. Bring it back by stretching it forward over the toe.

The only way a boot will come off is if:

(A) the toes aren’t all the way forward, meaning they’re standing in the heel of the boot followed by;

(B) straps are not tight enough. So crank up that strap! You’ll learn what’s tolerable pretty quickly ... our hounds tend to be quite vocal about the slightest discomfort!

Practice and use this technique and Hunnyboots will stay on until you choose to take them off.