Greyhound Foot Health

Hunny's Superficial Flexor Tenotomy

Hunny had the SFT procedure last Monday under the care of Drs Bec and Craig Goode of the Port Phillip Animal Hospital in Melbourne Australia, who kindly documented her day with photos to share.

A huge thank you to Bec, Craig and the whole team at PPAH. Hunny could not have been in safer hands.

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Corns – a painful part of life for Greyhounds.
A corn is a hard mass of keratin, the structural fibrous protein of skin, pads, horns, and hooves; and corns are found predominantly in the digital paw pads of sight hounds. It presents as a circular area of hard pad that can protrude from its surrounding and has a deep root that impinges on the underlying flexor tendon and its bony attachment. 
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GRIT - the unseen enemy


Grit is really common in Greyhounds who live in urban environments and walk terrestrial pavements.

Dr Bec Goode at Port Phillip Animal Hospital reports they actually see more grit cases each week than corns. They are awfully painful for the dog, and difficult to treat with good outcomes in many Greyhounds. Mindful prevention is far better than the cure.

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Meet Dr Bec

Rebecca, or Dr Bec as she is fondly known, is a veterinarian with a passion for pet Greyhounds. Actually, she's pretty much nuts for all animals, but Greys are extra special.

Bec runs the Port Phillip Animal Hospital in Melbourne with her partner Craig. She also runs the GAP veterinary clinic in Seymour – where she sees thousands of beautiful Greys going to new homes. 

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