Betty – to the manor born

Betty – to the manor born

Betty is a greyhound in every sense of the word. Her breeding and genetics include part teenager, part cat and she knows exactly what she wants; making that clear in no uncertain terms.

She interviewed and adopted the Lancaster family in 2016 when she was almost three years old and quickly assumed her rightful position – not as a family member as the Lancasters had expected, but as master of the house with a full assembly of staff on hand to serve her at a moment’s notice.

Betty expects her food to be hand-delivered and treats must be placed in her mouth, but if the treat is not up to her high demands, her mouth will remain firmly closed where no food shall pass.

When Betty chooses to play, she makes it clear that the game is by her rules and you are mandated and privileged to participate. She chooses the game, the toy and the duration of the game.

Betty wears boots to help on walks because of ongoing issues with her feet, but her household staff have been managing treatment with her medical staff.

Singled out for her beauty by winning a local photo shoot competition (but noticeably not allowing her butler to share her limelight), we’re sure that “Lady Lancaster” will continue to rule over the manor for many years to come.


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