Chewie the 'Wookie' Greyhound

Chewie the 'Wookie' Greyhound

Dedicated fans Josh and Rachel had been waiting months for their evening of “Star Wars” theme music with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, but gave away their tickets in a flash when they found out it was the same day their new furbaby was arriving.

Named after the loveable character “Chewbacca” from the film franchise, three year old Chewie has literally chewed his way into their hearts. Retired after his duties in the racing industry, Chewie was left with sensitive feet but has taken to wearing Hunnyboots for walks like the champion he is. He has had many challenges that new city dwellers face; moving house, strange new noises, cars, trams and he’s taken them all in his confident stride.

Aptly named, he’s a powerful chewer and will lovingly destroy soft toys in seconds so has progressed onto rope and hard rubber playthings.

Chewie is an affectionate and cheeky character who loves all the attention he can get, often pawing, softly whining or playfully nipping at his parents when he feels he’s not being adored as much as he thinks he deserves. He also has that most loveable of traits so common to greyhounds – he’s a leaner, and will often catch new acquaintances off guard by pressing against them with his full body weight!

He loves spending time with his new family on adventure walks, outings and car rides and will display his annoyance when he’s left alone by sulking on the couch that he knows he’s not allowed to get on, or by going on a thieving raid for socks, tea towels, pot plants – anything he can carry off to his bed as a prize.

Rachel and Josh say that in every way, they’ve won the Greyhound adoption lottery with their perfect match in Chewie. Is it his personality? is it his adaptability? Is it his friendly, playful nature? We think its a healthy mixture of all these things but for me, the icing on this furry cake is his absolutely drop-dead gorgeous Roman nose!

Chewie – the force is strong with this one.

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