Dani the Fashound of New York City

Dani the Fashound of New York City

If you’re ever walking the streets of downtown Manhattan NYC, you might strike it lucky and sneak a paparazzi shot of one the its’ most fashionable celebrities; Dani the Greyhound.

A svelte 25kg (57lbs) before eating, elegantly-limbed Dani cuts a dashing figure in her many bespoke outfits. As you’d expect of any international model, she gets excited when getting dressed for a walk – whether it's a coat, collar or now, her Hunnyboots!

One her favourite things to do is work on her poses for photoshoots and long walks with her entourage.

Dani raced for year before changing careers to take up a jet-setters lifestyle at the age of three. Her most exciting project to date has been on set for an upcoming Hollywood movie, motivating her normally sweet and mild-mannered temperament to occasionally slide into one of true Diva proportions.

As with most NY celebrities, Dani is a victim of trashy magazine-style gossip with rumours she won’t get out of bed for less than 10,000 treats a day, including of all things; Dentasticks! Other rumours she hotly denies are kitchen counter-surfing, toy theft and unexpected zooming around the living room.

She won’t admit to her actual age, but her personal assistant Helen whispered to us that she’s been working for Dani for three hears now, so she might be as old as 6!

We’re thrilled to see that Dani has added footwear to her amazing wardrobe, we’re looking forward to seeing more of her in the “city that never sleeps” – an ironic home for a “breed that always does”.

You can follow Dani on #danipigdog

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  • Stephen Adney

    Greyhounds deserve the very best life can offer. And why shouldn’t they? They give us their best life can offer — Unconditional love…

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