Nothing stops Zambi the tri-paw!

Nothing stops Zambi the tri-paw!


Meet Zambi from Queensland, our very first Hunnyboots Greyhound of the week!

Zambi turned five in March this year and parents Sarah and Alex have had him since he was nine months old.  He never raced, but injured his leg when he was three months old just by running around like crazy in his foster home.

He had two surgeries that went badly and a decision was made to amputate, and he’s never looked back! He is just the happiest boy, nothing stops him and he takes everything in his stride! He lives a charmed Bayside life with mum, dad and brother Zero and sister Zazu.

He does have some issues with his pads wearing down and getting sore which is why Sarah decided to try him in HunnyBoots.

Putting Hunnyboots on a greyhound that’s ready to go out is tricky enough, but it’s even harder when there’s only one back leg involved! As mum Sarah says “we’ve yet to figure out an easy way to put it on when he’s standing, because he gets so excited and doesn’t stand still! Yesterday my partner had to pick him up so I could put them on!”

“Thanks so much for making such incredible boots, Zambi walks so much better in them and took to them so easily, I couldn’t believe it!”

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  • Katie

    Poor Zambi :( he’s gorgeous! It’s so good that hunny boots have helped him. What a trooper, Zambi ♥️
    Thanks for making HunnyBoots Mark!

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