They call me ‘Mister’ Zeke!

They call me ‘Mister’ Zeke!

Nicknamed “Mr Zeke”, Zeke lives a charmed life with Michelle and Peter and little sister Maggie by the sea at picturesque Lakes Entrance in Victoria. Zeke is a bit of a ‘toy boy’ and loves to assemble his toys together into his bed - the love is real as he even enjoys choosing one to take on his daily walks. A seasoned traveller, he’s looking forward to restrictions easing in Victoria so the whole family can go caravanning again to some very special places like Hervey Bay.

Life wasn’t always so laidback for Zeke. He spent two years racing the tracks in Victoria, NSW and Canberra until he was retired and put up for adoption. He certainly hit the jackpot in finding Michelle and Peter, who say he has excellent manners and a very laid back personality.

Not uncommon for retired racers, Zeke has problematic and sensitive feet but things took a turn for the worse when it was discovered he also had allergies to grass. After a number of investigative vet sessions, including courses of acupuncture, a management plan of Apoquel and foot baths was successful.

His dedicated family drove a marathon 8 hour round trip for a private consult and fitting for Hunnyboots to help out his sensitive feet. Now he’s been fitted properly, his life has changed for the better again. He can walk anywhere without limping; pavements, gravel paths, sand and grass no longer trouble him while he's in his Hunnyboots. In fact, Zeke now takes the lead from Maggie out on their walks.

As Michelle says “Thank you so much Hunnyboots, he has become more confident wearing his Red and Black Hunnyboots out and about doing the ‘quick step’ and now when people see him they call him Mr Zeke too!“

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