What's Hunny's personality?

What's Hunny's personality?

She knows exactly what she wants. She’s polite, well mannered and slightly aloof. She enjoys a walk, but prefers to be out when it’s dark and not many people are around. She’s not keen on other dogs, but doesn’t mind the occasional company of other hounds, she’s quite keen on Tinkie the greyhound as she has a similar unneedy personality.

She likes the beach and wading in the water very much. She prefers a park where it’s flat and she can see into the distance. She loves to smell flowers. She has to sniff and pee on every location another dog has peed on before. She’s a travelling hound and enjoys going places in the car, but will be choosy as to whether she’ll get out at the destination.

She isn’t keen on cuddles if she’s not in the mood, and will let me know in no uncertain terms - but if she is in the mood then it’s on! She loves Mozart’s Clarinet Concertos to sleep to, and enjoys daytime TV.

She prefers to eat the food we do, so she’s settled into a healthy diet of quality beef or chicken breast with a melange of vegetables with rice or pasta.

She likes to rise early and will “arrooo” softly to wake us when it’s time. Her racing life began at 5:30am and her body clock always kicks in for three minutes of tail wagging, jumping and the occasional reserved mini-zoomie.

She’s very aware of her physicality, she pads around the house and has not once bumped or knocked anything, or touched anything she knows is off limits (except for stolen Christmas chocolates, but that was our fault, not hers!)

She spends around 22 hours a day on one of her beds, or our sofas. She stretches in downward dog every time she rises, always front legs, then shoulders, then rear and finally her tail!

She is the smartest dog I have ever known. Her eyes are haunting and her gaze penetrates through to your soul.

She is a greyhound.

She is our friend ❤️