The Coat Cleaning Instructions

The Coat is designed to be used every day and as such will occasionally need cleaning. You can spot clean the outer shell and lining as needed with a damp sponge and mild detergent. If you need to perform a more thorough clean on The Coat, please follow this Do and Don't guide.


  • Do machine wash at 40˚c on a gentle cycle on its own, as the collar faux fur may shed some fibres.

  • Do hang it up to dry in a warm place.

  • Do (If absolutely necessary) warm iron the nylon outer shell on the lowest heat setting possible using a pressing cloth. 


  • Don't use any type of fabric softener or bleach. 

  • Don't dry clean.

  • Don't tumble dry.

  • Don't use steam when ironing the outer shell.

  • Don't iron directly on the outer shell.


All fabrics used in The Coat are pet friendly and can be cleaned as such. The faux fur collar is a knitted, synthetic fabric and can also be machine washed at no more than 40˚c. It may need a little more attention once fully dry, a light brushing with bring back it's softness.