Sizing your Whippet for V4 Hunnyboots

Please don't guess!

The V3 Hunnyboot is a low tolerance fit, so your Whippet or Iggy's feet need to be measured at very specific points. If you've previously had V1 or V2 boots, please remeasure using the V3 Guide below as you'll likely need a different size.

If you've previously had V3 boots, you can use the same size in V4 boots.

Size range for Iggies, Whippies and Whoppets

Size W – Weeny

This size is for Italian Greyhounds and a number of other small breeds with slender feet such as Boston Terriers.

Size S – Small

This size is for small Whippets.

Size M – Medium

This size is for larger Whippets and Whoppets.

Please use our V4 Measuring Guide before placing your order

You’ve measured the front and back feet and they're different sizes? No stress, thats quite normal for a sighthound - add the two different sized pairs you need to your order.

If you're unsure after measuring, don't guess - email us and ask, we're here to help every Whippet to get the best fitting boots possible.